AISP Innovation

Urban Spatial is excited to partner with the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania to develop technology that lowers the cost of administrative data research and expands evidence-based policy. More info after the jump. 

aisp innovatin

What: The goal of AISP Innovation is to develop a cloud-based technology solution for promoting evidenced-based governance by reducing the costs associated with administrative data research.

Administrative data are those collected by government agencies to aid in service delivery. Examples might include data collected by school districts, health and revenue departments. Integrated Data Systems (IDS) are enterprise-level data systems that store linked administrative data on individuals from multiple government agencies. These data provide a detailed history of how citizens interact with government services.

Motivation:Typically, these IDS systems are developed as closed, one-off, enterprise-sized solutions and can cost tens of millions of dollars. Despite the demand for these systems, this cost burden has prevented IDS from being adopted by most local, county and state governments nationwide.

AISP Innovation was conceived and funded as a way to reduce the cost of these systems and catalyze efficient and effective governance across the US. Our previous work, funded by the MacArthur Foundation has identified a market for this solution and our goal is to get this technology in the hands of every government throughout the country over the next decade.

Technology – There are two interconnected technology solutions that comprise AISP Innovation.

  • AISP DataHub is a hardware and software solution designed to enable secure storage and analysis of linked and encrypted individual-level IDS data. We achieve cost efficiency by using open-source software solutions and by creating a series of data standards. Governments are the principal client for this solution.
  • AISP Clearinghouse is a cloud-based software solution that allows researchers to interface with the DataHubs around the country without ever actually possessing the data. Combined with encryption, the system maintains a level of privacy that is required by law. The platform is also designed to streamline data sharing agreements and invoicing as well as promote project results. Grant-funding foundations, governments and researchers are the primary client for this solution.

AISP Innovation Phase 1 – The Arnold Foundation has funded Phase 1 of this project which will bring together social policy, statistical, legal, business and technology experts from across the country to help plan the system. These groups will meet 3 times in the coming year.

The goal is to develop two deliverables. The first is a business plan that guides the development and commercialization of the solution. The second is a Request For Proposals that will be used to solicit software development proposals from firms interested in building the system.